Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Aruba! Getting There (Part 1)

Saturday, several years ago...

Photo by Chris. All rights reserved.
Many moons ago, when my husband was in the Navy and we lived in Puerto Rico, one of my co-workers at the El Conquistador Hotel went on holiday to Aruba and came back all gaga over the island and its beautiful beaches. Ever since then, Aruba has been in the back of my mind, but I never thought I'd have an opportunity to go there. Never say never.

My husband's manager has offered us the use of his RCI timeshare to celebrate our wedding anniversary, and so we are off to Aruba! Dave Moore, you are a prince among men. Thank you!

The traffic from home was simple terrible, and it took forever to get across the Bay Bridge. We arrived at US Air Gate 1 at the San Francisco airport, having had dinner at the terribly sophisticated International House of Pancakes with our son, who graciously and with his arm barely twisted was kind enough to drop us off for our flight. We were surprised to find ourselves first (and only) in line at security (Is it the right day? Are all the flights canceled?). We made it to the gate without any hassle or delay, and now we're waiting for the first leg of our flight, a “red-eye” (night flight) to Philadelphia. Once there, we will transfer to our destination flight.

I just looked at my boarding pass, and it hit me...I'm going to ARUBA!!! Sounds pretty exotic, doesn't it? I'm hoping to get some sleep on the way to Philly, but I'm so excited. The adrenaline's rushing, and I'm wide awake. So, we'll see.

Next up:  We arrive in Aruba!

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