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Anniversary Cruise! Grenada, the Spice Island

Grenada – The Spice Island

Docked at St. George's.
Photo by Harry.
All rights reserved.
Another beautiful island! We docked at St. George's, which is a larger town than Roseau (Dominica). The whole island seemed to still be trying to recover from Hurricane Ivan [five years before our visit]. Apparently, the aid money was misappropriated, if you can imagine such a thing. A block or two away from the main “tourist” area, the atmosphere suddenly felt somewhat weird – not threatening, exactly, but not inviting by any means. That could just be me, but I thought it felt a lot like Roatan [Honduras]. Third worldy in a not-so-good way. But, again, it could just be me. Anyway, lots of roofs were still missing, and half-hearted attempts at rebuilding were taking place. [I understand this situation is now being remedied, and other visitors to the island report an enchanting place.] Still, the island is lush and green and gorgeous, and you can't argue with that.

See the tiny, insane person jumping
off the falls, at the top, in the middle?
Photo by Chris. All rights reserved.
We like to go on a scheduled excursion now and then, rather than being off exploring on our own all the time, and so we signed up for the day trip to Allandale Falls and Grand Etang Lake. Such beautiful vegetation! Flowers, mango trees, spices. This is not called “Spice Island” for nothing. Did you know that mace is the outside covering of nutmeg? Neither did I, but I discovered this factoid during a very interesting lecture on the spices of the island (during which the student in me was screaming out for a notebook). And, naturally, I purchased some spice necklaces for the folks back home. Then smelled amazing. The stuff we get in jars at the grocery store just can't compare to the fragrance of spices that are fresh.

The divers will be happy to pose for a
photo with you. For a small fee. A guy
has to earn a living, eh?
Photo by Chris. All rights reserved.
The divers at the Falls were real daredevils, and there was wonderful music (and rum punch) awaiting us at the Lake. And not only that, but it felt wonderfully cool up in the mountains. After a steamy day like yesterday, what more could a girl want? So, there you go.

So enjoyed your music, guys!
A small tip is much appreciated.
Photo by Chris. All rights reserved.
Grand Anse is a lovely strip of white sand beach, three miles long. There are both white and black sand beaches on Grenada. I talked with a shipmate who had gone diving in Grenada, and she said the water was incredible and very clear, with lots of sea life and beautiful colors. Sometimes I think it would be fabulous to go diving, but then I have enough trouble just floating on top. Being under would be scary. Rather, the idea of being under would be scary. I'm not sure I could overcome it.

Grand Etang Lake, Grenada
Photo by Chris. All rights reserved.
While on the tour, we met a very nice couple from Colorado. We always seem to meet delightful folks! Mick and Teri were on the cruise with their friends Jodie and Chuck, and we all celebrated Teri's birthday at midnight at the “island party” on deck. The band played on, and the crowd was energetic and enthusiastic. That's what happens when people have a chance to really rest and relax. Happy people. But I'm getting ahead of myself again.

Uh, oh. There it goes...
Photo by Chris. All rights reserved.
Grenada was the first port where we didn't have to dock a couple of miles from town. Three cheers! It does make a difference at the end of the day. Unfortunately, the wind blew my husband's hat off, sending it sailing down the dock and into the water. He was going to dive in after it. Can you imagine such a crazy idea? What if the ship shifts and crushes you? What if the current drags you under? What if you get stuck under the dock? What if you get sliced and diced by a propeller? What if you can't reach a ladder to get back up? Shudder! Happily, a ship's officer happened by and put a stop to that kind of thinking. Thank you, sir.

St. George's, Grenada
Photo by Chris.
All rights resrved.
Fishies in the water by the dock.
Photo by Chris. All rights reserved.
Yes, there was hot-tubbing and swimming at the Sanctuary after we came back on board. And, yes, it was wonderfully relaxing.

The captain's party for repeat Princess cruisers was held this evening at 7 p.m., and they served little hors d'heuvres and rum punch. Yes, more rum punch. It's popular. What can I say? Can you believe there was a couple present who had sailed over 500 days with Princess? Wow! No, I'm not jealous. Well, not exactly jealous. Okay, okay. Don't I wish!

Necklace with nutmeg, cinnamon,
cloves, allspice, and ginger. Mmmmm...
Photo by Chris. All rights reserved.
What I had for dinner:  Seafood appetizer, minestrone, salad, veal scallopini, and fruit/berry zabaglione. And it was Limoncello night. Our crazy waiter Robert kept filling up our glasses...personally, I think he might also have been sampling a bit, too, but please don't tell on him. It was fun seeing him having fun, and it was another great dinner.

Next up: Bonaire!

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