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Rarotonga - Black Rocks and Black Pearls

Kia Orana and Happy New Year, everybody! I took a little break from my travel diary over the holidays and went to Maine for Christmas. More on that later! So, here we go with more adventures in Rarotonga:

February 22

Sunrise in Rarotonga
Photo by Chris. All rights reserved.
I'm not one to wake up really early in the morning. For some reason, though, that's what happened today. I was in bed, trying to go back to sleep to no avail. And so I thought I'd go ahead and get up to see the sunrise. I know. That just isn't me, is it? Bob is usually the one who gets up with the chickens, but he was still sleeping as I went out onto the deck in the dark to wait patiently, alone.

And then the pinks and oranges pierced the night sky with increasing intensity and saturation of color. Wow! What a sight as the water reflected the sunrise, bringing it right to the beach below me. I've never seen a sunrise like this one anywhere, ever. And I did feel as though this particular sunrise was just for me, somehow. I was overwhelmed and grateful and moved to tears. Really, this island shouldn't still be trying so hard to win me over. It's a done deal.

The bigger the shell, the bigger the inhabitant.
Photo by Chris. All rights reserved.
We went to Black Rocks this morning in an effort to find really cool seashells, as there aren't really any at our place. We did find a few. Harry likes the cone-shaped ones that are, we won't be able to take them home. I'm not sure if this is fortunate or unfortunate. They're out on the deck right now, in case anybody is still living in there. One of his tiny seashells walked off (well, the little crab inside walked off with his residence).

Bob and Karen went snorkeling at Black Rocks, which is reputed to be a good spot; however, they came right back out. The water wasn't clear, and they said the current was really strong and dragging them along at breakneck speeds. Bob said there was no redeeming value. That's too bad, because it looked really nice from the shore.

Photo by Chris. All rights reserved.
On the way back to our place, we stopped at the meat market that's right next door to Cook's Brewery. So, we had a taste at Cook's, and it was good. And so was the chicken from the meat market that Karen BBQ'd for dinner. Very yummy indeed!

We also stopped at the black pearl shop, where Jo bought something “for Robin.” If Jo finds something else that she likes better “for Robin,” then today's purchase will be “for Jo.” I recognized the salesgirl (Saleswoman? Salesperson? Please don't be offended) from the black pearl shop at the Saturday market.

The music that was playing in the store was worship music, but I couldn't hear it well enough to identify it, so I asked who it was. Hillsong. Of course. She seemed pleased that I had recognized it as worship music, at least, and we chatted a bit. I told her that one of the greatest gifts I am taking home in my heart is how wonderful it is that Rarotongans are not ashamed of the Gospel, and how encouraging that is to me. She thinks that the people in America have sort of lost their way. She looked so sad as she was sharing her thoughts with me, and we both had tears in our eyes. Our conversation was very heart-felt and moving. I need to come back to this place “on a mission” to help with Vacation Bible School or something! I'm sure I could learn a lot.

It rained today, so it's a bit cooler and less muggy tonight. I'm wearing the pareu I bought in Puerto Rico tonight, and it's very comfortable. It's relaxing to sit and read (and/or write, as I'm doing now) and slow down. This pace of life is fantastically restful and agreeable. I'm not looking forward to returning to the rush, rush, rush of the world back home.

We went snorkeling at Fruits of Rarotonga this afternoon. It's reputed to be the best spot on the island. The snorkeling there is easy, and there was a wide variety of sea creatures. But, again, the water was cloudy. (Please note that when I say the water was cloudy, I am speaking in relative terms.)

Bet you thought this blue starfish was on the beach.
But it wasn't. It was underwater!
Photo by Chris (above the water). All rights reserved.
I asked Bob if we can go back to The Rarotongan for a snorkel at some point, as (aside from our place) that's been the best so far. Our place is awesome! I look out at the lagoon from our beachside deck, and I can't imagine a better situated, more lovely spot. I'm in paradise.

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