Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rarotonga - Attack of the Huma Humas

February 23...Oh, my! That's awfully close to February 26. Don't think of that now. It's amazing how time flies by here. A person really should come for a whole month. At least a whole month. Or two. Or three...

It's the first really rainy and/or completely overcast day we've had, which is pretty spectacular. So, we went looking for some art by Tim Buchanan. We didn't have any luck there, but it was a very good day for souvenir shopping and for strictly-window-shopping at higher end stores featuring $3,500 quilts, $300 dresses, $200+ traditional Cook Islander hats, and so on. I am talking here about superior quality, handmade, beautiful, really-really-nice things. Things I cannot afford, unfortunately. Perhaps, if I plan ahead, next time?

Snorkeling at The Rarotongan.
Photo by Bob Hampton. All rights reserved.
We decided to give the snorkeling at The Rarotongan another go (Thank you, Bob, for hearing my plea!). It was fabulous. Okay, it was FABULOUS!!! The water was crystal clear. There were lots of gorgeous fishies of all sizes and shapes. Even a green moray eel! Lots of huma huma trigger fish (one of which decided it would be a terrific idea to attack the glass on my mask, and another of which decided it would be a stellar idea to bite Bob on the leg, all in, we're guessing, attempts to protect the babies swimming about?), many damsels, schools of parrot fish, etc. There was no sunlight filtering through (obviously, since it was cloudy), but there was plenty of light in the water, which was shallow. How great to be able to relax because you can see around you! YAY! The best snorkel ever!

A trigger about to attack me.
Photo by Bob Hampton. All rights reserved.
One thing, though, is that I got super cold while snorkeling today (a first). How can you get cold and feel like you've got arthritis in your hands in such warm weather? Bob says it's probably because of all the energy I was expending, but how is that possible? I was just floating there, breathing through a tube and, occasionally, using my flippers. When we got out of the water, I was shaking and shivering, and my fingernails were blue. How weird! I wanted one of those fabulous flat whites tout de suite. But Bob had no mercy, and soon we were back at the Coral villa, where I took a “hot” shower in tepid water to warm up. (The hot water heater is solar. No sun, no hot water. Sun, blazing hot water.)

Karen has a sore throat today, but that didn't stop her from participating. She doesn't have time to feel sick, 'cause she's on vacation!

The guys having a chat.
Photo by Chris. All rights reserved.
A fun thing happened in town today. Harry was wearing his new, just-purchased Mongoose Rugby Avatiu Nikao Golden Oldies tank top. This guy comes up to him and says, “Nice shirt you're wearing, but I don't remember seeing you at practice...” HA! It was the team co-captain, and he was wearing his team shirt. How cool is that? It made Harry's whole vacation. They chatted for a while, and, yes, of course, I took their photo together. Come would you...admit it.

Jo has prepared a cocktail we've dubbed “Coral Sunset” (equal parts pineapple, papaya, and coconut juices, some tequila and ice, blended) with little canapes. Bob is cooking dinner. I could get used to this...

Oh. More weirdness: I used conditioner on my hair today, and it got oily, of all things. My hair is never oily. And it has a nice, soft curl here, too. I think I was meant to live here or Aruba or Bonaire or Kauai or some other island paradise. Or on a cruise ship, maybe, like that joke about how it's cheaper to live on a cruise ship than in a retirement home. That way, I can go from island paradise to island paradise to island paradise...ahhhh.

When you're surrounded by intense beauty,
you get inspired to doll up your platings.
Photo by Chris. All rights reserved.
What we're doing right now: Harry is doing a crossword. Karen is on a lounge chair on the deck. Jo is reading a book. Bob is checking the chicken. I am writing to you. Life, at this moment, is jam-packed with the favor of the Father. Thank you, Papa, for this gift of refreshment, which I needed so much without realizing. But you know all. You knew I needed to see this place that you created and be surrounded by its intense beauty and touched by its lovely people. You amaze me. You are so good!

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