Monday, May 2, 2016

Alaska - Day 8, Sea of Alaska

Sunday, September 28

Weather:  Mid 50's
Wind, rain

The seas were a little perky last night, with swells 2.5 to 4 meters and 70 MPH winds. We were rocked to sleep!
Water above, water below.
Sea of Alaska

At 9 a.m., we went to the church service, which was surprisingly good and also well attended. Colin, the deputy cruise director from Scotland, did a great job on the message. The moral of the parable he told about three trees whose dreams came true in unexpected ways after they'd suffered disappointment really hit home. Things don't always happen the way we hope and plan; however, if we trust in God and place our hope in Him, it'll all work out according to His plan. That is my sincere hope.
Waves. More waves.
Sea of Alaska

After lunch, we had planned to watch the 49'ers game (American football) on the big, open-air screen topside. But the weather was inclement, so we returned to our room to catch the game on the television there. Harry took a long nap -- the whole game! -- while I wrote out postcards. I love quiet, sea-day afternoons. Restful. Unscheduled. Relaxing.
Looking happy!

It was the second formal night of the cruise, and we had our portrait taken. I like to do this once or twice each cruise, just in case the photo turns out to be not too disappointing. If you have enough of them taken, one of them is bound to meet expectations, eh?
Mark and Judy
Jeff and Lorene
Nona and Phil

Formal night is fun around the dinner table, with everybody looking absolutely fabulous. We all made a good effort! Conversation centered around the rough seas and high winds that had mostly subsided, quiet activities enjoyed at leisure that afternoon, and what we were going to try from the menu. It was the relaxed conversation of relative strangers who had become comfortable enough with each other to think of themselves as friends.
Harry's appetizer. Pretty. And yummy!

Here's what we ate:  Harry had a cold appetizer, shrimp and scallop pate. I had the escargots with garlic butter. Yum! We both had a Caesar salad. The chilled soup was creamed goat cheese with honey and yogurt. Light and delicate, it was absolutely delicious. And we weren't finished yet! Next came our entree, jumbo shrimp and lobster tail with asparagus and rice. For dessert, he had (wait for it) creme brulee, and I had floating islands (meringue) on vanilla custard.
Having fun with hand selfies,
waiting for the show.

The show was an Elton John tribute by Jeffrey Allen, and then we went to "Star's Got Talent," a passenger talent show. Just like in karaoke, which followed, some "got it," and some "not so much." But kudos must be given to all of them for getting up there in front of everyone!

Tomorrow morning, we'll be in Victoria. It's been a while since we've been there, and I'm looking forward to some sight-seeing!

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