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Alaska - Day 9, Victoria BC Canada

Monday, September 29

Weather - Low 60's
Overcast and Balmy

We were only scheduled for a half-day in Victoria, one of my favorite places. So much to do and see, and so pretty! Unfortunately, the day didn't start out as I'd hoped. Traveling with someone who has cognitive issues isn't the easiest thing in the world. In fact, it's an adventure, and not always in a good way. Some people think I'm crazy. For the whole story about what transpired on the ship that nerve-making morning, please see The Alzheimer's Diaries ("I Only Lost Him Once").

And now for the fun part of the day:

Autumn colour
Photo by Chris Hampton
All rights reserved
Having gone through most of the morning being reunited with my husband, it was too late in the day for any thought of an excursion, so we walked from the cruise dock to downtown Victoria. It's a half-hour walk at the most through a very pleasant neighborhood (There's transportation available if that's too far for you). The trees were changing color, the leaves were dropping, and I was enjoying the crunch of the dried ones under my feet as I sauntered along. There were lots of flowers about, the grass was very green, the homes well cared for. I was able to relax a bit.

Parliament Buildings
Photo by Chris Hampton
All rights reserved
As can be expected, it rained off and on as we did our walkabout of the harbor, the Parliament Buildings (no time to visit), the Empress Hotel (dashed in to buy their amazing tea), and the totem pole garden in Thunderbird Park next to the Royal British Columbia Museum. Unfortunately, we just didn't have time (see first paragraph) do go through the museum, which is what I'd planned to do that day. It's really worth a visit and was great fun the last time I was there. Oh, well. Maybe next time.

Thunderbird Park
Photo by Chris Hampton
All rights reserved
We ran into some friends from the ship, Mark and Judy, at the harbor (okay, okay...harbour), and they were having a great day. It's easy to have a great day in Victoria! Usually.

We managed to make it back to the ship about a half-hour before sailaway, having turned on the after-burners on the return walk. The minute hand on my watch was not our friend as we hustled along, having spent too much time sauntering in Beacon Hill Park. It's just so hard not to try to get every minute out of that beautiful place.  It's so...Canadian. And British at the same time.

On board, we had lunch -- yes, we did all this before lunch -- and then had a nice, long soak in the hot tub at the Sanctuary. It was just the thing after all the walking.

Quail & Venison Terrine
Photo by Chris Hampton
Nona and Phil joined us to for the Chef's Dinner in the dining room, and here's what the hubster and I ate:  His appetizer was quail and venison terrine, and mine was twice-baked goat-cheese souffle. Then, we both had gnocchi in Provencale tomato sauce. A little intermezzo of strawberry sorbet to clear our palates was followed by seared diver scallops in three-citrus sauce. And for dessert, by now you know him well enough to know he had the creme brulee. I had some pineapple-orange sherbet. There's only so much rich food this girl can take. I know this is a disappointment to you.

The performer in the theater was vocal impressionist Michael Wilson. He was marvelous, and I especially enjoyed his Louis Armstrong. Following that performance, we went to Liar's Club, where we were bamboozled by the cruise director's staff. Where do they come up with the words to use for the definition? I hadn't heard a single one before, which is actually the idea, I guess.

Just one more full day of this cruise...boooooooo!

Lovely, lush plantings. See the whale topiary in the background?
Photo by Chris Hampton

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