Saturday, October 1, 2011

Adventures in DC - Day 7

Just a couple of weeks before 9/11/01, I accompanied my husband on a business trip to Washington, D. C. Obviously, the days before 9/11 were innocent and carefree. I'm sure my observations would be much different now. This has been my 10th anniversary tribute. Our nation's capital is beautiful and worth seeing. The memorials either make your heart soar or break it, depending on which memorial it is. It's important for a nation's people to remember. So, the Adventure in DC concludes with...

Day 7

Saturday, our last day, we drove to Annapolis, another absolutely captivating place dripping in history...and overrun with beautiful people taking a break from their yachts. It’s a tough life, folks, but someone has to live it. A person can dream. The midshipmen are kind of cute, too, and helpful and polite. Fresh-faced, yet serious. (And about to get much more serious, but we didn't know that at the time. Thank you for your service to our country, men.) 

Then, we drove to Fort McHenry to take a look at the place that inspired “The Star Spangled Banner.” The Baltimore waterfront is very reminiscent of the Port of Oakland, with lots of heavy industry and cargo ships. Not at all the same upper-crust atmosphere as Annapolis! With a modern eye, it’s hard to imagine that tiny Fort McHenry could have withstood such an assault and protected the city. It’s so quaint and small and surrounded by ramparts. And a replica of Old Glory yet waves over those ramparts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It still stirs the hearts of patriots.

And then, friends, it was off to the airport (and not a moment too soon, I can almost hear you saying!). I had a wonderful time.

Random observations:  There is a lot of great food to be eaten in and around the District of Columbia. Sightseeing on your own is not such a bad thing, especially when you're trying to see the maximum amount of stuff in the minimum amount of time. How fast can you walk, and how long can you go between refuelings? Washington drivers are insane (but not as insane as Boston drivers, I was soon to discover). Two showers a day are absolutely essential in that hot, humid climate (no wonder they used to have Yellow Fever epidemics back in the day!). At least, that's how it is in August. Washington pedestrians are insane (again, not as insane as Boston pedestrians, though). A person would have to look long and hard and with extreme luck to find a body in the thick, green, lush vegetation lining the waterways and highways of Maryland and Virginia (Oh, boy! How prescient was THAT comment?). Women who work in Washington offices have no natural thermostats. Those sweet young things were wearing long sleeves, suit jackets, cute little form-fitting skirts, heels, and STOCKINGS. I can’t figure out why they didn’t melt. Speaking of those sweet young things…they are everywhere, following obviously very powerful men around at a dead run and trying to hand them things or remind them of appointments or whatever. Goodness. Such importance. And the men, of course, are
all wearing suits and ties. They must have to change their shirts three or four times a day!

I hope I didn’t bore you to tears, but I have so enjoyed reliving (almost) every moment of this marvelous trip. I’m very grateful that I was able to accompany my husband on this one!

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