Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oaxaca, Mexico - Day 5, Pisos and Tostadas

It's “missions month” in a lot of churches, so I'm recapping my mission to Oaxaca, Mexico. An amazing experience! The adventure continues with...

Day 5 -
Tuesday, November 11 – 11:35 p.m. (What am I doing up so late?!)

Woohoo! We finished all the pisos today! The work went so smoothly, well organized. And I'll tell you what: Pastor Marcelino and his guys work hard and fast. I don't know how they can lift those 5-gallon buckets of water and sand and gravel up onto their shoulders to dump in the mixer all day long. Amazing.
Working hard!
Photo by Chris. All Rights Reserved.
And having fun!
Photo by Chris. All Rights Reserved.
The folks we encountered today at the village were very open and friendly. We're getting more comfortable with them, they're getting more comfortable with us. One of the families even went to the store to get some purified water to make Tang for all of us (around 30 people). They bought disposable plastic glasses and everything. I'm sure that was difficult for them to afford. Then, when we were finished with the work and were resting a bit at the church site, here they came with home-made tostadas for us! I was very moved by that. Such generosity and hospitality! They could have eaten for a week on what they fed us, I'm sure.
Fresh tostadas. They were delicious!
Photo by Chris. All Rights Reserved.
Mindful of the cultural need to accept what's offered (per last night's talk), we partook of everything -- fresh cabbage, ungloved hands, and all (Had it been treated for bacteria? At the YWAM base and at the restaurants, everything fresh is treated for bacteria. But, in the villages, not so much. We understood that we were taking a risk, but we went with it). The tostadas were very delicious. [None of us who chose to honor this sacrificial gift became ill from it. There was one person who didn't partake. That person became ill. Isn't that interesting? Do bring your hand sanitizer, though. You don't want to spread anything you might have brought with you to the rest of the team.]

We did coloring, face painting, fingernails, balloons, etc., with the kids at the village in the
afternoon today. They had a great time, and their parents also came. It was a festival atmosphere.
Crayons. An amazing treat for these kids! Bring some with you.
Photo by Chris. All Rights Reserved.
So beautiful, and just as precious.
Photo by Chris. All Rights Reserved.
Later in the evening, back at YWAM, we packaged and labeled medications for the medical clinic tomorrow at the dump site.

Note: There is no way I could drive down here – they are crazy! Never mind the lanes; split the difference! Cut everybody off, pass on the right...reminds me of our days in Puerto Rico. I love it. Seriously. I'm beginning to love Oaxaca. The weather is perfect, but it's very dusty. If you have respiratory issues, that and the altitude are things to consider. Just sayin'. Forewarned is forearmed, right?

Next up: Medical clinic at the dump.

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