Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oaxaca, Mexico - Day 6, Clinic at the Dump

What an adventure! Pouring floors one day, medical clinic the next. We continue with...

Day 6
Wednesday, November 12 – 5:40 p.m.

We went out to the dump to set up a one-day, walk-up medical clinic. The folks were already eagerly waiting when we got there. We had a waiting area where the kids could color, get their faces painted, etc. They loved it. There were three exam rooms set up, and even free haircuts (compliments of Renee from Reno...she's an amazing human dynamo!).
Photo by Chris. All Rights Reserved.
Unfortunately, I got to feeling so poorly that I had to lie down. Well, actually, one of the nurses insisted that I stop my assigned task, lie down, and put my feet up. I protested, but not very energetically. No, it wasn't the food or water (well, maybe just not enough water)! My ankles ballooned up, and I had a fever. The medicos started me on some wicked antibiotics and tylenol, and I was quickly on the road to recovery. Yes!

The kids were so cute with their balloon “hats” and “swords” and so on. Many people received prayer, and some made decisions to follow Christ. So awesome!
Photo by Chris. All Rights reserved
It's a great frustration to me that my Spanish is so limited. Note to self: Learn some more Spanish! The folks find my efforts amusing (hey, anything for a laugh, and happy to provide it...), and I find that I am beginning to understand better than I thought I would be able to, which is a wonderful and miraculous thing.

We stopped at the mall (I know. That sounds so normal, doesn't it?) to pick up some more supplies on the way home, so I grabbed a coconut ice cream bar...yum! Delicious and refreshing, with the added benefit of being creamy and...coconutty. Come on. Those are so, so good. [I understand that some folks don't like coconut at all. Go figure!]

I'm supposed to do tear-down after dinner tonight (clear and wash tables, scrape dishes, sweep/mop the dining room and kitchen, take out the trash, etc.). I hope I can do it, as I feel as though the illness let the team down today. There's a separate team that does dishes (wash in detergent and bleach, rinse off suds, rinse in bleach water, dry, put away) and a team that does set-up (set the table for the next meal). This, I know how to do! We're all encouraged to take turns, and there's a sign-up sheet on the wall in the dining room. There's a small amount of grumbling about the chores, but I find that they help with our bonding as teammates. I don't mind pitching in. It actually helps me to feel more useful.
Photo by Chris. All Rights Reserved.
One of the docs is on IV antibiotics, very ill. I hope he will get well soon!

By the way, Lolita (You'll remember that she's our chef) outdid herself tonight. We had an authentic Oaxacan feast with “tlayudas,” these giant tortillas filled with cheese and onions and black beans, then folded over and toasted over coals. Really good, and with the traditional Christmas drink, “ponche,” which is like hot apple cider but with lots of different fruits. It's very yummy. There were also half-moon shaped pies with chorizo and some with cheese. And barbecued flank steak to put in the clayudas. I don't think anybody will need a midnight snack!

And, yeah! I was able to do my assigned tear-down work, no problem. Woohoo! Tomorrow's going to be a fun day.

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